[13] Aria ✔ new
[14] B Gata H Kei ✔ new
[07] Baccano!
[38] Beelzebub
[04] Gintama
[31] Ghibli studio ✔ new
[15] RahXephon
[20] Reborn!
[07] To Aru Majutsu no Index ✔ new
[65] misc ✔ new
[09] Adventure Time ✔ new
[03] Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ✔ new
[03] DC comics
[12] Marvel comics ✔ new
[22] Fight Club
[03] How I Met Your Mother
[05] Star Wars
[20] Ellen Page (some from Hard Candy) ✔ new
[20] The Vampire Diaries ✔ new
[39] stock ✔ new
TOTAL [350]
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